R&R Online System Procedure

  1. Go to http://cfo.ph/pdos_reservation/ and click the “I already have...” button if you have already secured your immigrant visa.

  2. Answer all preliminary questions to check if required to attend the PDOS or Peer Counseling Program. Provide email address and click “Submit”

  3. Open email and look for confirmation message. Click on “Confirm Email“ and provide information as specified in the “PERSONAL INFORMATION” page.

  4. You will be advised if required to attend PDOS/Peer or if exempted:

    A. To Attend PDOS/Peer
    If required to attend the PDOS, you will be directed to the “SET YOUR SCHEDULE” page. Click the calendar to select preferred date and time to attend the PDOS/PEER session. Note: Limited slots per session, per day

    B. Exempted (Proceed to Step 5)

  5. Click “Proceed to registration” button to complete the on-line registration form.

  6. Upload your recent clear photo and supply correct and complete information in all the fields required in the registration form.

  7. Download and print the barcoded confirmation form. Bring this document together with all the other requirements to CFO on date of appointment. NO NEED TO PRINT your registration form. Please come to CFO at least 2 hours before your scheduled PDOS/PEER session for the verification process.

Who are exempted from the PDOS?

*Exempted from attending the PDOS/Peer Session but still need to register personally or by proxy

The following emigrants are exempted from attending the PDOS, but should still register in person or by an authorized representative:

  • Minors aged 12 and below;
  • Senior citizens (60 years old and above);
  • Those incapacitated due to permanent or long-term ailments; or
  • Those with mental health issues or psychologically-challenged.

If registered by proxy, representative is required to present the following documents in addition to the usual required documents:

  • Medical certificate/report (except those 60 years old and above)
  • Letter of authorization from the emigrant (if applicable to the case); and
  • Original valid identification card with photograph of the proxy.

Proxies who are NOT the legal/natural/biological adoptive parent of children 12 years old and below must present the following documents:

  1. One (1) original valid identification card with photograph of the proxy, and
  2. Duly notarized authorization letter executed by parent/s or guardian/s, issued in the Philippines or overseas.

Click Here for the Example of Valid IDs